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Give A Click is an amazing Unilever initiative and an innovative new way for clicktavists to support the causes closest to their hearts.

Aligned with 4 of the 17 UN GLOBAL GOALS – Quality Education, Good Health & Well Being, Clean Water & Sanitation, and Zero Hunger – Give A Click turns Facebook activity into points that become Unilever product donations to different charities. It only takes a second to sign up and start clicking, and doesn’t cost you or the cause you care about any money.

To earn points you have to Like, Share or Comment on selected Unilever brand’s Facebook content. Which are brands you probably engage with on a daily basis already.

Simply partner with one of Unilever’s pre-selected charities or nominate a charity that you would prefer to benefit, and engage with Unilever’s branded content on Facebook to earn points. Points that your charity of choice can use as a new kind of currency, by trading them for Unilever products.

Each Unilever brand on Facebook tackles a specific problem and earns points to address it. OMO is dedicated to Quality Education, Lifebuoy to Good Health & Well-Being, Domestos to Clean Water & Sanitation and Knorr to Zero Hunger. All vital world causes.

Give A Click makes sure that every Like, Comment or Share for Unilever is dedicated making the world a better place. The more you click, the more points our partner charities earn, and the more products they get from Unilever.

Sign up today to help Unilever make the world a better place.